Affenpinscher – The Monkey Dog

The Affenpinscher is a small 7 to 8 pound dog that usually does not exceed around 10 inches in height. The Affenpinscher has bushy eyebrows and shaggy hair and most often is considered to look somewhat like a monkey. Although this certainly is a dog; it is sometimes referred to as a monkey by some people. The dog has a small head with the shape of a monkey and an adorable monkeylike face with tiny ears. One of the distinctive features of the dog is the eyebrows which are raised somewhat higher than the rest of the fur and the shaggy hair which falls from either side of the dog’s head.

The Affenpinscher has been a big favorite in past years as a house pet in the United States. This breed is naturally quite intelligent and is considered to be one of the most well-loved of all toy dogs. The Affenpinscher can be a lively and playful toy pet but it also makes a surprisingly good watchdog. หนังสงคราม Without the dog’s owner the Affenpinscher can turn into a real charmer and can get very excited and destructive when in a playful state.

The Affenpinscher can be somewhat difficult to house break and it tends to be a challenging breed to train. As with most toy breeds, the Affenpinscher is somewhat sensitive to firmness and may take some time to catch on to what is expected. น้ำเงี่ยน It is important that training be brief and consistent and be sure to enforce rules and boundaries for the dog so that it knows its place in the world. The Affenpinscher is an alert and inquisitive dog by nature and will be most happy with an active family. Training and interaction with the Affenpinscher should be positive experiences that are varied and kept positive.

Another major characteristic of the Affenpinscher is that it is a very loyal dog and loves to be an accessory to a family. The Affenpinscher is a busy and fun loving dog and thrives on the experience of meeting new people and seeing new places. เย็ดคาชุด This is a dog that needs a lot of activity and can easily become bored if not exercised and kept busy. The Affenpinscher is a little confused about this distinction between work and play and enjoys a good romp in the yard. With proper care, the dog becomes a real girl.

The Affenpinscher otherwise known as the Monkey Dog is the little monkey dog and has a long tubular coat over shoulders and onto the back. The coat is short and hard and the color can be black, gray, blue, red, bi-color, and black and tan. The fur falls forward over the eyes and forms ruffles along the back. แตกคาปาก The head has a shorter hair and the muzzle and nose are long and black with dark eyes. The little monkey dog is typically 7 to 12 pounds and stands 7 to 10 inches in height. หนังดราม่า It has intelligent eyes and when combined with a black nose and black hair that makes the face look a little frightening. This little dog has a short body, but it is very built and narrows a bit in the back but is otherwise similar to most terrier breeds.

The life expectancy for the Affenpinscher is typically about 14 to 16 years. Some minor concerns to keep in mind include urine flow, teeth problems and flea allergies. It is also good to note that this breed can fall victim to two major health issues, cataracts and luxating patellas. It is advised that you purchase from a breeder, especially if the puppy you purchase is from a family line with a history of dealing with this problems.